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General & Specialty Services

Pfeiffer and Son

Serving the Greater Houston Area Since 1962

Pfeiffer & Son has provided all manner of general and specialty commercial electrical contracting services to customers in the Greater Houston Area since 1962, and we are experts at reliable power systems and outdoor commercial lighting.

Customers Served

For Reliable Power
  • Data Centers
  • Control Room
  • Critical Function Facilities
  • Security Centers

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IT Networking & Data Integration Services
Telecomm System Installations

For Outdoor Commercial Lighting
  • Sports Field Lighting – baseball, football, soccer fields
  • Park Lighting and Fountains
  • Recreational Area Lighting

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Outdoor Lighting/Parking Lots
Outdoor Lighting/Landscape

Pfeiffer & Son is the only Electrical Contractor in Houston that provides
In-house Professionals Certified for:

Reliable Power for Commercial Electrical Systems
IT Networking and Data Integration Services
Telecommunication System Installation
  • Reliable Power
  • Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Reliable Power for Critical Electrical Systems
The qualified electricians at Pfeiffer & Son are highly experienced at installing commercial electrical systems that are reliable, redundant and resilient to ensure the continued integrity and functionality of critical areas at all times.

Services include:

  • Multiple circuit installations to support systems and equipment (HVAC, lighting, etc.)
  • UPS and on-site standby power generator installation
  • 24/7 emergency service

Have Pfeiffer & Son quote on the installation or upgrade on reliable power for your critical facilities by calling 281)471-4222 or contacting us by Email.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Pfeiffer will work with your lighting design engineer to install and wire your outdoor lighting project according to the lighting plan specifications provided. Alternatively, if you do not have a designer, Pfeiffer & Son can partner with the professional designers that we know and trust to help realize your vision. Compliance to all local ordinances for lighting levels is verified at the design stage.

Control Systems
Pfeiffer & Son is highly familiar with the latest control system technologies that can be custom tailored to your needs. Our goal is always to lower your initial capital outlay with 100% code compliant equipment, energy cost reduction and simplicity of installation, user management and scheduling and timing of lights.

Wiring and Installation
Pfeiffer & Son has the highly skilled professionals and all the equipment needed to wire and install your outdoor project from start to finish.

For commercial lighting fixtures, we are experienced the customary and leading edge:

  • Fiber Optics
  • LED
  • Metal Halide
  • High-pressure Sodium
  • Mercury Vapor
  • Low Voltage Path Lights
  • Fixtures with Higher LPW to Save Energy Costs
  • Solar Powered Lighting

Pfeiffer & Son has the capability of installing all sizes of lighting poles, from 10-foot poles that you see along a sidewalk, to the 200-foot high mast poles that you see along the highway.


Maintenance and Services

  • Replace Fixtures and Lighting Elements
  • Cleaning Fixture Lenses
For a complimentary consultation on your commercial lighting project, call Pfeiffer & Son at (281) 471-4222 or send us an Email.