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Troubadour Ltd. IT Networking and Data Integration Services The Troubadour division of Pfeiffer & Son is an Advanced Information Technology Integration firm specializing in Security, Unified Communications, Wireless and Datacenter Solutions. Since 1997, Troubadour has built a strong reputation for assisting thousands of IT professionals in hundreds of government and enterprise organizations located throughout the southwest and in locations around the globe.

Troubadour employs senior engineers, project managers and consultants and holds Advanced Technology certifications in each of their practice lines. Troubadour’s influence and industry recognition extends from the IT field troops to the executive offices of the international theatre, including;

  • Numerous Partner and Product Advisory Boards for Cisco, NimSoft, Channel Insider and others
  • Cisco Systems Inc. Global Security Partner of the Year
  • Double Bulls Eye Award Winner for Innovator and Deployment of the Year in 2009


Where Troubadour Excels:

Advanced Infrastructure
Troubadour is the go-to partner for complex network implementations. From secure remote connectivity solutions to WAN optimization solutions for multi-location companies, to tuning routers, switches, firewalls, IDS/IPS and NAC, Troubadour has demonstrable experience in middle market to enterprise customers.

Industries Served:

• State and Local Government
• Energy
• Financial Services
• Healthcare
• Technology
• Entertainment
• Transportation
• Manufacturing

Troubadour designs and implements network-centric security solutions that range from 1) Cisco’s IronPort Email and Web Security Appliances for market leading SPAM/Web filtering solutions, to 2) the Cisco Security Monitoring Analysis and Response System (MARS) for managing all components of the enterprise security strategy.

We also offer physical security strategies that include secure wireless cameras, gates and RFID tags. Troubadour is the only Cisco "Red Badged" Partner in the region, the highest level of certified credentials in the Cisco-security space.

Data Center
Our Data Center experts specialize in providing advanced storage solutions to enterprise, government and middle market organizations. As a premiere partner with such Tier One manufacturers as Hitachi to the fastest growing mid-market leader, Compellent, Troubadour can implement or enhance an organization’s archival, back-up, replication and recovery strategy. Customers are able to leverage the latest advances in virtualization technology to maximize performance and availability based on the their requirements and budget.

Virtual Data Center (VDC)
Troubadour’s VDC offering leverages our decade-plus experience in implementing technical solutions at customer locations, providing an alternative distribution method for delivering an on-demand version of these services via a cloud model.

Customers receive technical infrastructure and services without the cost of owning the equipment or burden of maintaining it. VDC leverages a hardened Tier IV, SAS 70 II datacenter facility, latest H/A and virtualization technologies, 24/7 monitoring – plus customizable dashboard views of the entire environment. This Platform/Infrastructure as a service strategy allows organizations to offload the time and budget spent managing commodity aspects of their environment such as server maintenance, storage growth, backups – thus keeping staff focused on their core business tasks.

VDC can be configured to duplicate - or replicate an entire server environment for guaranteed access, from anywhere, anytime providing numerous benefits:
  • Fixed Monthly Spend
  • Reduced CAPX 30 - 50%
  • Offloaded Costly/Frustrating Backups
  • 24/7 NOCC Monitoring/Alerting
  • Renewed Focus on Core Business and Applications

Voice/Unified Communications
Whether you are a large multi-national enterprise, small to medium size business or state/local government organization, voice communications is a critical component of most operations. And today, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a proven strategy for leveraging the increased availability and reduced cost of Internet communications. Troubadour is considered a VoIP expert and has successful experience working in each of these market segments.

Increasingly, VoIP is becoming more than voice, providing integrated messaging capabilities that improve voice, data and video collaboration with customers, employees and partners across the globe.

Troubadour has a seasoned, expert team of certified engineers, skilled in the design-architecture, deployment and support of unified communications solutions that increase the overall productivity, and ROI of UC deployments.

Troubadour has expertise in deploying smart wireless networks, both for voice installations and/or data only. We are able to architect, implement and support both autonomous networks, as well as centralized wireless networks using Cisco's lightweight access points.

We also have experience in successfully implementing outdoor wireless bridges to provide site-to-site connectivity in a variety of business environments and applications, including RFID, WIS and other industrial applications.

For a complimentary consultation concerning any of Toubador’s Advance IT Networking and Data Integration Services, call Troubadour directly at (281) 945-5800, or send us an Email.

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